10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jordan Spieth

The “next big thing” in golf in only 21! Here’s what you need to know about him.


1. He’s the only golfer in his family.
Jordan comes from a long line of athletes, but not golfers in his immediate family. His mum and brother played basketball at uni, while his dad was a baseball player.

2. He runs The Jordan Spieth Charitable Fund.
Ellie, Jordan’s 14-year-old sister, is on the autism spectrum. Jordan was inspired by her to start the charity, raising awareness and financial assistanct for kids with special needs, junior golf and military families.

3. He has a bobblehead of himself.
It was given to him after his first win at the John Deere Classic in 2013. (It’s a surprising likeness)

Spieth Bobblehead














4. He skipped school as a kid.
But it was for a good reason. Young Jordan would ditch class so he would be able to watch Tiger play in the early rounds of the Masters.

5. He’s a fortune teller.
7 years ago, 14-year-old Jordan predicted he would win the Masters, while being featured on the local news in Dallas, Texas.

6. He’s a sketchy greenkeeper.
As a kid, Jordan was known to cut the lawn at home as low as possible, just so he could practise his game.

7. He’s settling down.
Jordan recently purchased a $2.3 million home near his home town in Dallas. To go with all that living space, the home reportedly has a 288-bottle wine cellar.

8. He won’t struggle to pay that off.
Jordan cashed in a $1.8 million check for winning the Masters. Estimates put his total worth at well over $10 million.

9. He knows his history.
Why else would he choose to win his first Masters when Ben Crenshaw was playing his last? Spieth is the first Texan to win the Masters since Ben Crenshaw in 1995.

10. He’s a romantic.
Jordan has been dating the same girl since the pair was in high school together.



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